Untitled - KDS Official [WIP, Vocalist required]

Sorry I haven’t been active recently, sh*t hit the pan and Ye… Anyway let’s not get into that and get to tho point

I need a vocalist ASAP so I can finish this song, so if you sing or if you know anybody who does let me know please and thank you :grinning:

Here’s the song - https://soundcloud.com/kds_official/kds-ft-need-a-vocalist



Is this Auxy?

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Not all but there are some elements of auxy in there like the drop (except the drums)

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I sing.

But, the hook is in a different key than the verse. :frowning:

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Cool and no it’s all in the same key (A major)

The melody is just an octave higher in the intro

I’m considering providing vocals but I only have my phone, no mics or anything :grimacing: