Untitled - Jax [WIP, Project] - Need feedback please


I’ve been working on this one for a little while, but I feel like it could be improved, any ideas or advice?

P.s. it is half way finished, and also, no collabing on this one.



Overall great track, and I can’t think of anything specific that you neede to work on. Maybe lower the bass volume/lowpass in that part at the “end”.


Nice track! The drop is a little underwhelming though.


I was thinking about adding wibs, don’t know how that would go though. Thanks for the feedback!


Try it


Thanks for pointing that out!


I like it


Happy bull


I wanna hear what wibs sound like.


Here they are. Not quite happy with these, might take a brake from this song and come back later with fresh new ideas.



That’s more like it!