Untitled - by LMG [Future Bass,Project]


What do you think of that ? How can I improve ? Thanks !

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Hey bro! Overall i think that your track is pretty cool! Its not my style but still. Now for the feedback. I think that your bass is way too loud. Your melody is too stacked (you should’nt stack that many sounds). You should add some chords or some filler sound in the drop. Your intro could need some piano (in my opinion). I think you should change your build-up completly, because its very wierd and you should organize it a bit better. Its a bit all over the place. Let me know when you’ve done these things and i will look at it again if you want me to :wink:

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Better ?

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Here i tweaked it a bit more

It sounds just like i started out, and then i got better and better!

Nice ! :smiley: Thank you I take notes !

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Listen to popular songs you like and imitate them.