Untitled - by Barrelmanboy [WIP, Project, Remixable]

Remix this:


I know that it’s not finished yet, but still, remix this.
I’ll check to see if it’s good!


k, ill try

Any progress with my jimble jamble of what I called “music”?

ill start on it soon, right now im working on another project

I might try:) I’ll try to use the original sound pack only so that if you don’t like something, you can edit it. I’m going to make it more future bass styled:)

Whats everyone’s progress?


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I don’t know whether to label it Trap or Chillstep.

…or both…

It’s still good, and I also noticed you made it short because I said it wasn’t finished.
You could’ve done as much as you wanted, you didn’t have to stop midway. But, you do you, man. It won’t change.

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Can I remix it??

Here it’s is anyway: https://app.auxy.co/projects/FpPOoQbV-m9IH_BmYL8iHQ==

Sorry, I didn’t read the title completely. You don’t need to stop. You should go as far as you can possibly go. In fact, I think you should make some of your own songs. It shouldn’t be hard, I mean if you can remix anyone’s song on Auxy, you should have no problem making your own.

If we’re talking SoundCloud I’ll still use Barrelmanboy. But as far as Auxy goes I’m gonna be NorthEast from now on.

I tried remixing it…

But it sounds like the rest of my songs on my soundcloud…

So here’s a demo…


He has made his own songs. Search up Fokkses on SC. His songs are really good.

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You could’ve just asked IVO or Lenberg to change your name… that’s what I did.

Yeah, at first I didn’t see that option. I actually didn’t know until I came upon that option on this one. And I thought to myself,
“Well, sh*t. All of that work to create this when there’s a button that does it for you.”