Unpopular Song Challenge


Post one of your tracks from the past, that only received 1 or 2 likes on Soundcloud, but that you enjoyed making. Anything with 3 or more likes is too popular for this topic.

Here’s one of mine…


What if you had a track which had 1 - 2 likes, but someone liked the track after you posted it (so it goes up to 3+ likes)?


That’s all good. Just pick something that’s got 1 or 2 at the moment.



A city feel track, which I think was fun to make (even got the help of choosing a name for the track in here).


2 likes on SoundCloud



I could go back on my old account and pull out a song from there but honestly that wouldn’t be very accurate to how much I actually enjoyed making some of those songs. Even if this song is technically at 3 likes I don’t really remember who actually put the like on it or anything. I enjoyed making it since it was a very experimental piece that unfortunately didn’t work so well. Even still, I liked the style of it and it’s something I wish I had spent more time on making it sound good.



I have several of these because I wasn’t on/just joined the forum and didn’t post them, so they never got attention other than from bots(not to say that they were amazingly good either). Heres the one with the least plays and likes.

https://soundcloud.com/drageonix/time 1like (from @V-M recently) , 4 plays



I released this two weeks ago and it has 2 likes so far. It’s my favorite track from my new album.


https://soundcloud.com/t-o-r-n-a-i-t/mockingbird-lane here’s one of my absolute favorite tracks. Thing is…
It’s been sitting for years like this. Only two likes… it’s like a progressive house Auxy 3 type jam.

Mockingbird Lane.


Funny thing is, this is one of my earliest Auxy tracks. Just got left behind, I guess.


This is the first collab with @OsharuPerez I made like last year (idk how long lol).
Super underrated lol
keep in mind this is SUPER old
crazy how much both of us have improved lol


I remember that track! You made some lit hi hats for that track!


to be honest i was randomly tapping the screen for the hi hats lol




We all did at some point! :joy:


I made this in a hotel while on vacation in Mexico – far less dark than usual for me. Most if not all of the plays are from bots, and no likes.


That’s almost ALL my tracks :joy::joy::joy:


im gonna head to your soundcloud page now lol


Four of my friends irl follow me and like every one of my songs that come out…


very old song. one of my first