[Unofficial Contest] Experiment?


Hi guys!

I bring this contest to you to answer one question:

How would you take a minute long track and spin to make it your own?

Below, I have a link to a song I’m working on, Uranium.

The prize? I repost your song (though i doubt it would get much attention) and bragging rights. Good luck to all!

The deadline is Jan 29.

#1 - Tolberto
#2 - Fruds
#3 - GreyOldTwit

Honorable mention - Jax, XLXK

Congratulations to all and good job! Thanks for participating!



Hey NeXus! I’d love to do this, count me in


sweet, haha gl


Is this considered a remix? Just want to know before I post it.


Woah dude. This tracks is absolutely sick. I’ll see if I can’t do something with it.


I love how this track sounds, but if I’m honest - I think it sounds even better in lover keys like D. It just hits so much harder and I could totally something like this playing at a festival.


I want to do this. When is the deadline?




Yeah, sorta

i’m planning to release a finished track that’s longer called uranium


You could repost the best remix


Umm, here’s my track ig
I didn’t change up the whole song but I did definitely modify it. Enough ig for it to be a remix!
“It ain’t much but it’s honest work”


Edit- Just Changed The Key


Just changed a few things


Whoops I kinda completely remixed it. Is that ok?:joy:


holy moly yes

the end was kind of abrupt tho


shall i change it


do what you need man i’m not stopping you


What did you use for those chords? They sounded awesome!


yooo this is sick! im in for sure!


Either knar or mys