Unnamed Auxy Radio Cast 2020 thing

Hello Hello!

As many of you have shown interest in rebooting some talk into Auxy, I’ve decided to Make it a monthly event! Live-streamed on Twitch! (or Possibly YouTube).

Its a show about Mobile Production, Taking the Spotlight, and growing the Community! The Stream will be around 45 minutes long and is planned to premiere by June!

As this is still a Work in Progress, I haven’t come up with an Official name. As a homage to Auxcast and Auxy Radio Show, I want everyone to be as involved as possible! I’d like to hear some suggestions on names for this show!

To get as many people involved, here’s some roles you might consider:

  • Guest Artist (will be queued, Guests will be decided by community Polls)
  • Host (The Interviewer, the more hosts, the merrier!)
  • DJ (Help those that aren’t too familiar with Mixing DJ sets)
  • Streamer (Backstage Crew, ill be running it for the most part, just in case i’m unavailable)
  • The Viewer (A show can’t be a show without an Audience! Show your support to the Artist by being Present! Take the Opportunity to Ask Questions!)

If all goes well, I’ll make an announcement for Guest Sign-ups and Questions. The First 5 Entries will be put in a voting system in the thread and the Guest will be decided by you. Timing and More info to be Announced!

This project is a little ambitious for me. But I hope with 5 months of free time, this will be able to contribute to the growth and interest in our mobile production community, even if just a little! :))

if you are interested in any of the production roles or need more info, do send me a DM!


Bro we will see when the covid-19 is gone. I will give you some of my songs that are… how many minutes has the song have to be?

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I do really like this idea, although maybe the guests shouldn’t always be decided by us and instead use this as an opportunity for smaller/newer artists in the community to make themselves known. Other than that I’m fully on board.


I’m 10000% down to see this happen :ok_hand:


You sure bout’ that?

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I really like that idea Octave


This is a great idea!


Sounds awesome bro! I’m pumped!

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I would like to sign up for the role of viewer. Trust me, I have a lot of expertise in these kinds of roles.


Wait what is the content of the streams? Is it an interview? There is DJ set mixing though and that confuses me. Is it a set being played?

Part chat Part interview. The set is pre mixed beforehand until i find a way to stream through their audio source. I want it to be fun and informative, not too serious.

I could do live on my part but im not sure how to go about with thirdparty…

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Ah yeah I’m totally down to be the guest sometime but otherwise I’ll watch probably

Looking forward to hear from you ! :))


I’d be down for guest spots, or even just as a watcher! Maybe even an occasional host from time to time!

…Look, I don’t have high marks in Theatre Arts for nothin’, yeah? And in Drama back in Grade 10, I did a radio play with a few other guys, it was so much fun! (It was HALF AN HOUR LONG! None of the others were half of that length.)

I’ve got experience narrating stuff, I think I’m… somewhat qualified? I sound like I’m bragging lmao but still… :stuck_out_tongue:


DM me, we can work something out

this is my first post hail me I’m pro


I would love to be a guest


same here, but time is more of a thing against me lol


Yeah, I feel like time zones would definitely be an issue