[Unicorn Challenge 🦄] Insurgency LP Remix Contest - Winners Announced



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I’m not sure what the context is here

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I will join

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Just posted!! Haven’t done anything in a long time so don’t judge how bad it is. :sweat_smile:




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I’m really digging ‘Rotation’. I’d like to have a go at it. @HYDRANS

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Here’s my remix of Antithesis by @HYDRANS and @Mr_Mooo.

The hook on the original is great so I kept it intact and added my own B section.

Here’s the original track

And here’s my remix version.



oh another thing, are we allowed to collab with people?

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Sure, but only 2 people is the maximum I will accept for collabs

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What song would you like?




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can you send the file for purple magic? @HYDRANS

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Done. I made the genre completely different, but still like the original




In a remix, the entire point is to ensure there is a NOTICABLE change. Basic rules of remixing: change the tempo, change the key and definitely add your own taste. In my remix you’ll be able to significantly identify the song in which I’m remixing, but also a strong change in all parts of the song. Will that be okay? Or should I try to keep it a lot closer to the original?



Lol right

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Totally. I just need to be able to recognize some elements from the original track. Changing the song is the whole point of a remix.

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Perfect, thank you so much!

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is there a way i can get that vocal sample from Insurgency?

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It might be a bit difficult, but I can try to get them to you soon. Sorry for the inconvenience

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Aight take ur time. U can just PM me the file on Discord or something too if that’s any easier

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