[Unicorn Challenge 🦄] Insurgency LP Remix Contest - Winners Announced


@HYDRANS I’d like to remix “purple magic”.

I’m up for a challenge (even if the challenge is to remix it without premium).

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Cool contest! :+1:

Could you send me Vortex?


Im in and will decide later

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might be a bit weird, but can i get the files for Rotation and Insurgency? I have ideas for both, but I would like to try and see which sounds better/would be more feasible for me to work with

(I wont submit 2 tracks lol dont worry. I just am torn between the two, so i figured it would help me decide)

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Sure thing. If you post 2 remixes though, you’ll have to pick one for me to judge.

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actually @HYDRANS, i also am not too sure which track I want to remix yet so can u also send me antithesis w/ Mr Mooo


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@HYDRANS I took down my entry to work a bit more on it

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Are we allowed to change the key?

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Totally. You have complete creative freedom. One thing to keep in mind is that I will take off points if it is too far from the original, though.


That’s fine! I won’t judge them at all until the due date, so don’t worry about having a finished project yet.


Can I remix hachiwara @HYDRANS?

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Might take you up in this.
Gotta get that bread


I would like interlude, please. @HYDRANS

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Like I said before, remixes of the prelude, interlude or outro won’t qualify for prizes. You can check the tracklist above if you want to see which songs you can remix. Sorry for the inconvenience!


@HYDRANS Can I remix Vortex?

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Just a reminder that I’ve been trying my best to reply to everyone who entered. If I didn’t get to someone, please let me know!


You rang?


Also @HYDRANS vortex please

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@HYDRANS – purple magic

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