[Unicorn Challenge 🦄] Insurgency LP Remix Contest - Winners Announced

Hey everyone!

A few months ago, I hosted a remix contest for my song Wind. I had a lot of fun hosting it, and a bunch of people entered.

It’s been a while, and I thought it would be a good idea to host another remix contest, this time with a unicorn :unicorn: as a prize.

As some of you may know, my debut album, Insurgency, came out about a month ago. For this remix contest, you can pick any track from the album to remix. There are 7 tracks (not including the prelude, interlude, and outro)

Insurgency LP :soundcloud:


Track 1 - Rotation
Track 2 - Insurgency
Track 3 - Vortex
Track 4 - Purple Magic
Track 5 - Hachiwara (w/ Aqzi)
Track 6 - Antithesis (w/ Mr Mooo)
Track 7 - Creature

How to enter

To enter the contest, please @mention me in this thread and I will PM you with the project file on the disco. Please specify which song you are remixing. You could also PM me directly, or DM me on Discord at HYDRANS#0999.


  1. Tracks must be at least 1:30 in length to qualify

  2. Tracks must be titled “HYDRANS - [Track Name] (___ Remix)” For the collabs, include the other artist’s name as well.

  3. If possible, use this cover art:

  4. Tracks must be uploaded to SoundCloud to be eligible for prizes (please post the link in this thread)

  5. In order to win prizes, your remix should be submitted by March 31st, I will judge them the week of April 1st

There aren’t any rules about how you should make the song. You have complete creative freedom!


1st Place

A unicorn :unicorn: on the disco, a repost on my SoundCloud, and a collab with me

2nd Place

A unicorn :unicorn: on the disco, and a repost on my SoundCloud, and a collab with me

3rd Place

A repost on my SoundCloud

4th Place

A repost on my SoundCloud

All eligible remixes will be featured in a playlist on SoundCloud.

Good luck to everyone entering! If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them!



I’ll probably enter


@HYDRANS I’ll definitely enter! Could you send me the file for purple magic? Looking forward to remix it!

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Make sure to @mention me if you want the file :smiley:

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can i pls remix purple magic as well lol

ooooo hecks yeah i want to do this. dont know what track tho… i’ll have to think on that for a bit.

But question first, can this be done in any DAW or are you limiting it to just Auxy (I would like to do this in Ableton/GB)

You can do it in any daw but the only resource I can provide you with it the project file in Auxy


Do you think it maybe possible to remix any tracks without Subscription?

It would be difficult because all of the songs use premium. I could try to figure something out though

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@HYDRANS can I do vortex


@HYDRANS I’ll like to take a crack at Antithesis (w/ Mr Mooo).

But, without being eligible for the prizes.

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@HYDRANS I would love to do hachirawa w/ Aqzi!

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hachiwara hachiwara hachiwara ;3


Can I please remix the Prelude?

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If it wasn’t clear, the contest was for the 7 main tracks in the album. Check the track list in the initial post if you aren’t sure.

I can make an exception if you really want, but you won’t be eligible for prizes if you remix the prelude.

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Awwh, alright. Purple Magic it is then. Thank you!

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Could you send me Purple Magic?

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Can you send me Vortex and Outro

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I’d love a shot at Purple Magic. What a jam! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @HYDRANS

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Should be super fun, I enjoyed the album! Now lets change things up!

I’m down @HYDRANS, I’d like to remix “Rotation” if possible please.

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