[Unicorn Challenge 🦄] Insurgency LP Remix Contest - Closes 31 March!


Don’t worry dude, it’s actually pretty good.


It sounds great! And welcome to the community!


@HYDRANS can I remix insurgency


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been pretty busy with personal stuff recently. As of now, I should have gotten to everyone.


Nice job! This is actually very well done for your first song.


I just counted, and there are 13 entries already! I’m thrilled how many people have entered this contest. Quick reminder: you guys have a little over a month to complete your entries if you haven’t already.


this was so much fun


even if I don’t place it was a great chance to explore some new ideas and elaborate on old ones


Here is my remix of purple magic


Ohh I thought this was over but I’m soo glad that I still have a chance!! Good luck everyone!


Here it is.


Update: @HYDRANS I’ve changed the cover art to a hue-adjusted version of the one you gave out. Is that ok?


@HYDRANS I want to enter!


Yeah, it’s fine if you change the cover art like that. Nice track btw!


@Pilo What song would you like to remix?


Here it is:



@HYDRANS So Im debating between creature and vortex…


uhh its antithesis or insurgency i cant decide


i recommend antithesis

wink wink


Finally finished my entry!




Second track on my soundcloud. Hopefully it’s not bad


@HYDRANS put me in the contest