[Unicorn Challenge 🦄] Insurgency LP Remix Contest - Closes 31 March!


I am going to try to remix “outro” if possible. Can I get the link? @HYDRANS


If you remix outro, you won’t be eligible for prizes. Please check the original post for the songs that are available to remix. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Why everyone keep ignoring the rules


Haha maybe I should have made it more clear


Can i do Antithesis


I’ll take prelude, interlude and outro please


But fr can I have purple magic @HYDRANS ?


hmm :thinking:


I. IS. D U N.

Insurgency (XN Remix)

First full track with Ableton, so there’s def some tips n tricks i dont know, so give me some feedback and let me know what yall think.

Also, thanks @HYDRANS for this host. Had a lot of fun making this and being able to try out a lot of new stuff.


Nice one!





I would love to remix antithesis w/ Mr. Moo.


@HYDRANS purple magic please ^^


It’s finished~

I’m a pretty quick worker, but the song i feel is pretty high quality.




Experimented with this one a bit, not my normal style but i think it turned out well.


will the remixes be put on Spotify by any chance?


Not by me. If you are planning on it, please let me know


I would like to put at least my remix on Spotify, crediting the song to you and Mr. Mooo.


That’s fine


Heres my antithesis remix. its my first ever song so yeh dont judge if its really bad.:joy::joy: