[Unicorn Challenge 🦄] Insurgency LP Remix Contest - Closes 31 March!


Aight take ur time. U can just PM me the file on Discord or something too if that’s any easier


I would like to remix purple magic @HYDRANS


Oh yeah I was gonna remix Vortex a while ago wasn’t I? I’m glad I waited :sweat_smile:


Here’s my entry.


Good luck to everyone, this has been super amusing!


Very nice dubstep sounds. Almost sounds like Fl or Ableton. @Goxenar


Well, here was my best attempt
Purple Magic - HYDRANS (XLXK Remix)


Thank you very much man!


@HYDRANS may I attempt to remix creature? :slight_smile:


here’s my entry. i remixed purple magic like basically everyone else is doing, but i don’t think anyone is gonna make a remix quite like mine… here’s the link, i hope y’all like it! https://soundcloud.com/surfmusicinc/hydrans-purple-magic-surf


Great remixes so far! This is going to be tough to judge


just double checking that they arent due for a while right?


yeah they aren’t due until april i think


To answer your question, yes, they aren’t due for 2 months. I might listen to them before the due date, but I won’t actually do any judging until April 1st.


@HYDRANS I would like to enter! Could I get the Vortex project please?


I’d be honored to do Purple Magic @HYDRANS


There has been a change in the prizing…
2nd place will receive a unicorn as well!

Please check the original post again for the new prizing. Thanks!


Is this still going on because I’m still working :c


it’s due by march 3. u got plenty of time lol


Actually, it’s due by March 31

I think that’s what you were trying to say


oh lol. yeah i meant that. forgot the “1”. (it says 31st on the op)