Unicorn Challenge - Feb 2020 [Winners Announced]

Auxy Forum Unicorn Challenge: Feb 2020

The Challenge
Create a jungle track in Auxy based on this project file


  1. Must be 1-2 minutes.
  2. Must be created in Auxy.
  3. Can add other samples and drums, but you MUST use the Amen and Think break in your composition.
    a. Vocal samples are not mandatory but are included as well. Give it a ragga jungle flavor :fire:
  4. Feel free to use other samples. Feel free to change tempo, key, add any instruments you want.
  5. Submissions close when this thread closes. That date is visible at the bottom of this thread.
  6. Submissions must be an Auxy project file so that others can see how you constructed your entry and learn from it.


The best three entries will receive a Unicorn icon next to their forum name and will be listed in the Unicorn Hall of Fame

Judge: @iammane

Good luck!

PS. Some tips on this one - if you’re looking for inspiration, check out mixes on Raggajungle.biz - bear in mind that in jungle, less is more. I want to hear these breaks mangled up, in many jungle tracks it’s literally just a bass and the amen break carrying the whole thing. Get wild.

Jungle is massive. Wicked, wicked :palm_tree:


Will definitely try to enter something for this! Is there going to be a unicorn challenge every month?


Unsure - just something I had rattling around in my head for a challenge :slight_smile:


Can I also use the project I’ll submit in an EP I’ll be making?

Also another question, do the think break and amen classic both have to be used in the project, and how much, because I only use the first kick and vocal sample of the think break

Use the project file above, but feel free to add whatever. You do not have to use the entirety of either break, but the focus of the drums should be around the amen and think break. It should play a prominent role :slight_smile:

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Can I do this as well?

Not sure I follow, what you make here you want to use as the basis for a track for your own EP? If so yeah that’s totally cool

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Yeah that’s what I want to do. I’m almost done btw

Ooooooh… I am down for this!

Jungle genre or Jungle sound?


Shamefully I tried to Aphex Twin this…


Genre, but feel free to use monkey samples or whatever lol :see_no_evil:


This is pure trash. Do not even give this a ranking.

edit: this does not even have a ragga jungle flavor.


This was actually pretty fun


Nobody post here!

That’s sick not gonna lie

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Question: do I need to use both of the breaks in their original state? Or can I mix and match bits of them?

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Go wild! You should be mangling them in any way you see fit :slight_smile:


Permission to use my own Amen and Think breaks?

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