Unicorn Challenge - April Fools Day [Completed!]

Hear ye hear ye! The best track made in Medly Famitracker S_nv_x wins a unicorn!

Just kidding. But, in celebration of APRIL FOOLS DAY our gracious host @HexxOfficial will be officiating his first unicorn contest.

Here is a special message from Hexx:

“HAPPY APRIL FIRST EVERYONE! Hexx here with my very first Auxy Unicorn challenge. I have made some samples exclusively for you guys/girls to use in a 1 to 2 minute long song. You MUST use at least 3 for it to be valid. To make sure it has 3, include the project link, and a SoundCloud if you want, but a PROJECT LINK IS NECESSARY! Hope everyone has a blast and I can’t wait to see what you have for me :grin:

https://app.auxy.co/projects/Y3370ZWG7_QxdhCv1kz1jg== is the project to use. GET ON IT. This will be the last unicorn until the next tournament!!

The winner as decided by our gracious host will be inducted into the Unicorn Hall of Fame

You have two weeks! The topic will automatically self destruct close when submissions are closed.


Think I might give this one a shot.


I don’t get this challenge at all. What samples are we using? Drums, bass, pad?

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wait a minute… no way! is this all your voice? this is insane!! @HexxOfficial

@HexxOfficial can confirm, BUT I believe you are to use three samples (at least) that he’s recorded in this project file.


Wait. These samples are so noob that I can’t even use them.

Hm… can someone slide me the samples outside of the project? I want to have some fun even if it won’t be a qualifying entry ;3

Wait, so is this supposed to be good or funny? Cause i just wana make something funny. Im too bummed out by the quarantine to make something serious…

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get ready for some eurobeat yall

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same lol (or is this the sample pack Hexx slid us for the VQ challenge last week?)

Any of the samples. At least 3 of your choice from any category. You can even use just the snare or a perc and choose your own kick or hihat!

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Completely my voice haha (And a bit of EQing :wink: )


That’s why it’s an April Fool’s Challenge! Haha


Duuuude this is sick!!! I am actually a fan of beatboxing!!! I will try this! Dunno, what I’m gonna do but I’ll try!

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Also bro can we use our own instruments on it, or does it have to be only the samples you provided? And can we use all of your samples or are we limited to just 3? Sorry for all the questions just want to clarify…


Here’s a little something. @HexxOfficial I will DM you a project link asap.

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Is the joke that if you win everyone else except you gets a unicorn?


At least 3 of mine and any others you wanna add

Either Or