Unfound - Promenade [Chillsynth, Synthwave]

Hey guys! I figured that I’d start sharing my tracks on the official Auxy form as I’ve used the app for a large amount of my music.


For those of you who may know me on Soundcloud and for those new, thanks for the continued support!

Here’s the project file if anyone wants to see it:


whoa electronic gems!

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Smooth song

Lovely arp work, unfolds nicely. You def get the best out of Auxy! I don’t care for the pump effect but you use it judiciously. Sweet Chill tune Un! Cheers!


Usually people set the ‘pump effect’, ducker, to sample trigger to create more powerful drums and an overall cleaner piece

Love this track :smiley:

wow really awesome! super cool that you did that in auxy!

WOW! nice track!