Un-named - Zoruwhite (WIP, Project, Collab]

Hey guys! Im looking for someone to collab with on this cool little piece, however I’m limiting the project to only the original AP, no other sounds for anything(fact: i do not currently own the other packs XD)

Here’s the project in case you guys are interested in the collab
[link has been deleted]
P.S. dm me if you want in on this

I really like this track and would love to colab but my work week starts today. Maybe in a week I could start on something? Got another couple of projects I’m working on currently

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Yeh no problems there, and i dont mind waiting, im hoping to have atleast two people to collab with on this. The more the merrier :blush::yum:

Wait, your week starts on Thursday? Thats a harsh week… my weekend starts today XD

Yep working in the restaurant industry sucks for having a regular weekend. If you are in it, get out while you still can! Lol

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Can I join in

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Oh, and guys i have worked a little bit ahead of the link, will create a private chat and send it to y’all there

Anyone else who wants to join us, please lmk here, so that you can access the updated project link, the one up there will be deleted in next 24 hours