U know the VIBES!

So @NotMiles basically released his own sound pack and I just think there’s a lot of potential for dark, hard hitting trap beats, so feel free to share projects/ tracks in this thread cause I would love to listen! :heart:


So this is for sharing our custom soundpack projects?

What do we do here again?

Edit: what do we do in specific.

Basically just post a nice ass trap track using the sounds @NotMiles made! :grin:


Wouldn’t it make sense to post something like that here? Some notmiles. Leads *As featured in the Auxy App Feed*


In a way. But this seems like it’s specifically for projects made WITH his leads

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That thread is just his leads

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Also here’s what I made with it


Ok. Maybe fix subject? I dunno. I opened the thread and it didn’t make sense what I was getting into lol. I’m still not really sure.

Ok ready?
Post a Project
Trap genre specific
Including notmiles leads

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Hi hello yes
Did someone say dark, hard-hitting trap?
(Disclaimer: Didn’t totally read the specifics. This does not feature @NotMiles sounds as this was started before their release, but Yer Boi™️ is pond’rin’ about their inclusion as this unfolds)

That i hath. Above lol

Oh okay then

Hmmmmmmmmmmm :thinking::thinking:
Dark trap??? Am I qualified for this??
Well, who am I to judge… :man_shrugging:
Just something I threw together, that slowdown part took the most time :joy:


But what about everyone else who created their own soundpacks, but didn’t get enough visibility?

what about them

That drum kit is fire

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Here’s something I did. I wanna see more stuff like this cause I want to start producing it again and also, I’d like to finally listen to some new stuff from ppl❤️



Appreciate it :triumph: