Twizard [WIP, Project, Future Bass]


I made a future bass track for the first time so what do you guys think?


Change ooze to climb


Climb is overused


I really like this as a future bass track and I like the originality that comes with using ooze and some of the hipster horns. Most of what’s I her out of the Auxy community is wubs I With subs and sweet pads and it’s cool That you’re using a variety of instruments


Thanks man! But is there something I can do better in this track?


I just took a listen, try not to have murky layers on the chords. I didn’t really like the trumpet layer. I like the chord progression and the melody though. Maybe use less used drum samples also bc I recognize your snare as it’s been used in a number of popular auxy tracks (I think)


Hour is a great riser

I think you could use some more interesting chord rhythms in the first part

I agree that the chord layers during the drop seem muddled, if you could do some stuff with automation and reverb and mix them so the bass is lowpassed and the chords slightly highpassed that would work.

Drums could be louder please.

Chords in the second drop get nice and wacky with 7ths, 9ths, and 11ths BUT they do fit very well and I love them even more.

Maybe add a lead melody


Thanks but you mean the trumpet as chord or the lead?


Thanks I’m trying but I can’t use more sounds :grimacing:
I’m looking to delete some unnecessary sounds


It sounded great man! But one thing I’ve noticed when I make my songs, is that less is more. I really liked all the different instruments you layered to get that signature chord sound, but if you take a few out and put them back in throughout your song, it might make it seem more complex and interesting. Can’t wait to hear the finished version!:grin:

P.S. if you would like me to send you a demo project of what I mean, I can




Not bad. Def cut back on the layers a bit, you’ve stacked them too much and it makes ur track (mainly low end) sound super muddy.

You should edit your buildups to be more of a build up. Drop some instruments, highpass & volume automation, and some kind of fill because when the drums end, the chords still keep going and it sounds weird.

I’d add some more variation and fills between the chords too so it all doesn’t sound the same.


Thanks and a demo would be nice!


very good idea, gotta say, ive not been doing enough of this lately


no dont


Took some parts out on the intro, first build, and drop. I also added wubs for the first drop. I just did it to the first part to let you see if you like it.


Thanks man! Maybe I can do first drop wubs, second with melody and the third with 2 notes extra
Like this:
And I deleted the same sounds too


Now I got this:


Nice job! Sounds great, but just one little tip, don’t use bass instruments for chords. It usually makes it sound in harmonic and doesn’t really blend with the actual bass you have in you song. But overall, nice job! Can’t wait to hear the finished product!

edit: un-harmonic


Thanks I changed the melody every time in the second part of the drop a bit like this: