Turning Mono sounds into Stereo [With Instructions]

I’ve noticed for some time that some sounds in Auxy are stuck in Mono. With modulation, we now have some sounds that sound better in stereo without using a lot of reverb to replecate a large room.

Example 1, Basic Melody [Igloo]

Example 2, Arpeggios [Tiger]

For those viewing this without an iOS device or want to know how to convert mono sounds into stereo

1] To create a stereo sound, find a sound that is normally in Mono, ie, sounds from The Future, RAC Essentials

2] Create a loop and duplicate the sound so that there is 2 of the same sounds. The sound you just duplicated would need to be exactly the same as your original in order to create the stereo effect.

3] For both sounds, pan them so that one is all the way to the left and one all the way to the right.

It’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to pan duplicates opposite to each other.