Tuning Drums (in the new update)

Hey, I have a few questions relating to how drums are tuned now. Since the new update, the kicks no longer tune to the key, making it difficult to know if they are actually in tune or not. What’s the best way to determine what note the kick is currently tuned to?

I’d also like to add, on top of this, how much does each increment tune by?

Looks like 1 semitone. 12 in each direction for a full octave either way

Isn’t that for “pitch”?

Edit: sorry I wan’t clear. I meant how much does the “tune” knob tune by, not the “pitch” knob

Omg sorry, yes totally misread that. Usually tune is cents (100 either direction, fitting between a semitone).

I cannot confirm that’s what it is in THIS case though, but every other synth / daw whatever I’ve seen is like that. I am not entirely sure what a cent is.

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Just googled because I was unsure myself, here’s a brief definition:

Musical intervals are often expressed in cents, a unit of pitch based upon the equal tempered octave such that one equal tempered semitone is equal to 100 cents. An octave is then 1200¢ and the other equal tempered intervals can be obtained by adding semitones.


Awesome, man I guess after all these years I’ve learned something lol.

So full left would be lower one semitone, full right up one semitone aaaaand everything in between

Yup. It would be awesome if it were possible to modify the tuning of different notes in the piano roll, which would allow for microtonal scales :open_mouth:

stores idea in the same box as unorthodox time signature support and tempo automation

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The only problem is I don’t know the initial tuning of the kicks, as far as my horrible ear for tuning can tell they are all different and don’t originate on the same note. Same goes for the impacts as well…

P sure it tunes up 1 semitone and down 1 semitone

I guess this is semi-relevant, but does anyone know how much the offset knob offsets notes by, for each increment?

That’s another thing I’d definitely like to know, although it seems like nobody really seems to know what I’m even trying to ask. It seems that a few of the samples are pitched to C at least, but that requires manually adjusting any sample that may have some sort of pitch to be in key, which slows or speeds up the sample significantly in some cases. :\

Yeah, I have two vague ideas tbh:

  1. Locate sample packs on computer, buy if necessary, load into a DAW and put some sort of tuner plugin on them

  2. Do the same, but see if you can’t somehow get the samples off the app and onto the DAW (this probably breaches some fair use conduct) like send a wav recording of the samples you’d like to find the tunings for