Trouble with uploading

I’ve been sending tracks and wips to some artists for feedback and some of them do not except M4As. So I try to upload an MP3 but it’s still an M4A. And uncompressed wav. probably wouldn’t work either, and I have tried that as well. How would I be able to send an MP3 without sending an M4A?

Why would they only accept lossy MP3? That’s crazy.

Uncompressed wave will output a nice 16bit, 44khz .wav file, no loss.

You can’t really convert stuff to MP3 on iOS anyway, there may be apps that do it but nothing I’m aware of or use personally.

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Well, the thing is, the person uses fl so MP3s are better for him…

I’ll definitely try something in the future. Thanks!

Weird, ok. I mean yeah FL will ingest MP3s but I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to use MP3s as material for tracks… final export, sure. But not for arrangement etc.

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I don’t know why someone would want to use an mp3 to sample into a track. The editing process destroys the integrity of the audio file. Sending an uncompressed WAV is 100% your best bet. If they don’t accept WAV files, they are seriously fighting a losing battle with their sampling choices.


Sending a .wav should be fine. If they’re using FL, i’d assume they’re on pc, so yes an m4a wont work natively without a converter. which is probably why they’re asking for an mp3. but idk why they wouldn’t ask for a .wav because that’s compatible too and at much higher quality.

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