Trouble uploading a song to SoundCloud - Auxy 4 Support

Is auxy 4 no longer being supported? I tried using it to upload a song today and it said “an error occurred (-1200.)”
This is the first time I’ve ever encountered this issue

It’s worth reporting it as a bug through the in-app menus. It’s more likely to get noticed by the devs.

Have you tried and been successful uploading in this past year?
It’s possible that direct upload to SC 4 is no longer supported, but I imagine that would only happen if SC changed the way it works at their end (rather than something changing in Auxy).

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Why can’t you update it?

Yeah I’ve been using Auxy 4 to upload this past year. The last time I uploaded something on SC through A4 was March 31st. I’m assuming it has to do with Auxy since I can’t even share project files through 4 anymore. It simply won’t let me.

I have Auxy 6 on my iPhone 7 and 4 on my iPhone 5. I like using 4 because the sounds didn’t change. I would use Auxy 5 if I had the choice.

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Well, it might be the end of Auxy 4. You can still use the old sounds from some olds songs in Auxy 6! Other than that, I think that’s all I have to say.

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If that’s the case then I don’t know what I’m gonna do with all the projects on Auxy 4 if I can’t transfer them out

Presumably they’re still backed-up in the iCloud > Auxy > Backups folder, so you should be able to retrieve them from there, using your iPhone 7. (Obvs, you’re going to lose access to the old sounds for those projects.)

Will the projects render and create stems? If so, you may need to do that, then share using AirDrop.

It’s worth reaching out using the Contact Support option in the Subscription menu within the App.

Sure, 4 is old, but they should have announced if they were discontinuing support — precisely to allow V4 users to migrate their projects properly. They would still be getting analytics saying that there are active V4 users, so I’d be surprised(-ish) to find they just disabled something without notifying V4 users — or updated something without considering active V4 users.

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Thanks! I’ll contact support and see what they say

Everytime I upload a song to soundcloud through auxy I get an error. However it still uploads it to my soundcloud even though axuy throws an errror. Maybe thats happening to you, except im sure you wouldve noticed if it got uploaded to soundcloud.


I know what error message you’re talking about and no it’s not the same one I got. Also the song didn’t get uploaded. I wish it did, but it didn’t.

It’s worth contacting the devs, but will chime in here quick - the fact Apple update their OS yearly and deprecate / add / change things is also another good reason to update since devs can’t realistically support all versions. It’s entirely possible version 4 just happened to work until some recent update to the OS completely borked whatever it was Auxy 4 was relying on.

This is exactly why some folks “freeze” devices, although, since you’re also talking about a function that relies on a third party service that’s now broken, it’s also entirely possible SoundCloud altered their API in some way and since version 4 is no longer the current version it simply does not work. There’s a lot of moving parts here…

A frozen device is one in which if it’s known working well is stopped from auto updating and in many cases is fully removed from the internet. Google it - it’s a thing. Personally, I can’t be faffed.


This is an interesting problem that I haven’t heard of before, but my real question here is why are you still using Auxy 4? Is it just a creative choice or something? I’d love to know

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It’s a creative choice and I find the speed process much faster for me. On Auxy 6 I find myself spending more time tweaking an instrument than actually writing something. I would use Auxy 5 if I had the choice, but that’s long gone. I wish 6 was its own app because of how different it is from 5. I’ve also compared the sounds of instruments and they sound different in 6 than it did in 4 and 5. There are also sounds you can no longer make on Auxy 6 that you could do on 4 and 5. I just find older versions more of my pace and taste. There’s also one thing that annoys me in Auxy 6 for some odd reason. It’s the fact that knobs are “loose” compared to 4 and 5. What I mean is you can now make something exactly whatever percentage you want on a knob. I know this may sound like a good thing to others, but for me, it’s just so annoying. I was use to the fixed positions on 4 and 5 that I can’t quite get the sound I use to get.


Ah makes sense, that’s a perspective I haven’t heard before. I felt the exact same way when transitioning to Auxy 6 just after it was released. I managed to get used to all the tweaking and stuff, and I’ve learned to make some of the older sounds that I was used to before, but I definitely do miss the simplicity of the older versions. Great to know!

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I definitely feel alone with my perspective. Everyone I’ve told always asks why I just don’t just use 6. Whenever I tell them why they always reply with “you don’t have to update the sound of you use Auxy 6.” Even if you don’t update them they still sound different. I can definitely tell the difference from the original since I have access to it. There’s something that annoys me if you don’t update the sounds. They have this weird clicking sound to them if they play 32nd notes and sometimes with ducker on. It’s extremely annoying knowing they never had this issue before.