Tritanopia - Tritanopia (Ekstrak & Tritanopia Bootleg) [Drum n’ Bass]
My friend Tritanopia’s second trak. He told me to promote this trak so here you guys go.

He thanks me for teaching him how to make Drum and Bass and helping him with his song.


Pretty neat. I’m not a fan of the intro chords overlapping each other in the beginning, and the arpy sound doesn’t sound in tune but it might just be me.

The hats could really use a loud soft loud soft dynamic.

Bass at 1:20 is awesome, love the texture and tone. Yeah from 1:20 on I feel like it really shapes up. Kind of reminds me of like a SNES boss fight but drum and bassed haha.

Yeah if the intro was as solid as everything from ~1:20 on it’d be slick overall, but just not sure about everything before that in comparison. Overall though I was re-engaged and re-invigorated :slight_smile:

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I’d go slightly later, 1:30 onwards. I think they could comfortably cut everything before 1:30 and then they’d have a wicked track. I actually stopped listening at around 0:45 on the first try as I couldn’t get past the intro. Only gave it a second listen after seeing ICS’ comment re the intro. It was worth it, it improves a lot after the intro.

I have to agree with comments about the intro, however the rest of it is awesome I love the Mario-esque synth. Great to see other people making dnb, I feel not many people using Auxy produce it at the moment. Looking forward to hearing more.

The only problem I see with the intro chords are they are an octave lower than what I would have put them. Hence why it SOUNDS like its overlapping. Awesome DnB as always my boi. Like 1:08 where it cuts to just the drums. Disturbing leads really get their name here. Lol. Good Ol’ Ekstrak.

Uniqueness: 8/10
Predictability: 5/10
Complexity: 7/10
Use of Instruments/Automation: 9/10
Feeling: 8/10

Overall: 37/50

Yes, I’m still working on those vocals

I showed Tritanopia all of your guys’ feedback and he would like to tell you guys thanks! @anon86704580 @PISTOL @lowey @iammane