Tried pro* mix & master service on your Auxy tracks?

Curious to know if anyone here has tried putting their Auxy tracks through a pro mix n master service.

If so, how did it go? Did it give things that professional, radio/stream-ready sound?

For my output, M&M is definitely a major weak spot, and imo, is definitely making my tracks sound more amateurish than they might otherwise sound.

I’ve tried to get better, but I’m simply not interested enough in that side of things, and I’m still left with output that sounds poorly M&M’d (or, at least, I’m disappointed by the sound).

Thinking of trying one or two tracks out through a small handful of pro (* and non-pro) sellers on Fiverr, to see if I can end up with something I’m truly happy with (and proud of).


(I currently use Ableton with the built-in M&M tools, and/or CloudBounce AI-based mastering. But, it’s still hit and miss — though, mostly miss, imo.)

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I just use Ableton also, great software! if you add some EQ and compressors you can get some really great sounding tracks!


It’s probably going to cost a little more than Fiverr, but I’d suggest checking out Landr Network.


Thanks for the link.
I think the bottom end price-wise isn’t far off what I was expecting to come in.
So, I might well give that a try.

I’m looking to do a few trials, incl. some at the Fiverr end too, but probably won’t be using it on the regular. I think I mainly want to find out if my tracks have the potential to be pro-sounding, by finding out what they come out like in experienced, professional M&M hands.

…or whether they’re limited by things I’m doing or not doing in the earlier stages.


I do that, and they may well sound good enough to others.
But, they still don’t come out sounding like I want them.

I find the more I try to fix things, a muddy low-end, busy mid or a top-end that lacks real clarity, I end up making things worse - or gong in circles without actually making things better.

A fresh, objective and experienced pair of ears would really help.

here is the thing though, if you want to be a real artist you shouldn’t have to put your work into other peoples hands to make it good. Nothing but a lot of practice and just gaining experience is the way to go

I appreciate the point you’re trying to make, but I disagree strongly.

It’s not a case of ‘having to’, but a case of knowing where my ‘strengths’ and interests are, in relation to the various parts of creating a musical product (for consumption and enjoyment by others).

Currently, my strengths, interests and enjoyment are in the musical ideas, writing and composition; not in the sound engineering parts. I don’t enjoy the M&M part. Never have.
This is not to say that I don’t touch those parts. It’s possible that listeners hear my SC tracks and think they’re perfectly fine. The gap between what I’m outputting and what I’m aiming for might be smaller than I think.

I’m hoping that running a couple of tracks through pro M&M, and ending up with some tracks that, imo, sound great from an M&M perspective, will help show how close I am. Then I’ll decide whether I have enough interest in closing any gap myself.

As mentioned, it might turn out that the pro M&M can’t turn my tracks into my idea of great sounding. Which means the problem isn’t really the M&M. Then I’ll know that I need to go back and look again at things like sound design, structuring, layering, etc… which I am interested enough in to do more in.
(I suspect part of that will mean stepping beyond Auxy more than I currently do.)

If better quality M&M can make all the difference, but the gap is huge, then tbh, I’m not sure I’ll ever want to develop those skills enough to do everything myself. I’d rather focus my energy on composing, writing, constructing better music.

Whether or not any of that makes me less of a “real artist”, well I’m not sure it really matters or that I care. The music industry, including the audio engineering industry seem supportive of the idea that you don’t need to M&M your own stuff to be “a real artist”. Audiences certainly don’t care.

It’s likely that a large portion of your favourite songs were made with the assistance of dedicated M&M engineers. So, it might matter less to you in reality than you realise.

Still, if doing it all on your own is something that matters to you, that’s all fine and cool :+1:
Whether that makes you more of a “real artist” than [insert name of any top-tier recording artist of the last 100 years], then I think that would be an interesting case for you to make. :slight_smile:


Some songs are better unmastered imo, if it has a strong art direction

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Well, that’s my other thought.

Perhaps the actual answer is, as you kinda suggest, don’t overthink it.
Perhaps I’m more hung up on what the end product should sound like than my supposed audience. :slight_smile: