Tribal demo - Randslem

Hello i work on a tribal song !

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Love that intro!
Really feels like it wants to break into a vocal track, even if it’s only using the same vocals from the intro but without the pitch-shifting. Especially as distorted/glitched/pitch-shifted vocals in the intro is a popular way to pre-use some of the main vocals in a track.

As the intro builds, it feels (to me) like the bass should also be building.

Looking forward to hearing the final piece. :+1:

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Thanks for this detailled comment !

I udapted the song, i just changed some things. Tell me about the voice in the beginning of the first drop, that what you was thinking ?

No, I think that first section after the intro might work better without that vocal at all. (though keep the other vocals [grunts, etc…])

The main vocal feels like it could be one of the main hooks of the track. You’ve teased it in the intro, so hold it back for a little. Don’t spend it too early. :slight_smile:

The 0:35–0:54 section is where you set up the main vibe, so no need to over-play the vocal yet.

You could start teasing it again at the 0:54… section, just lightly, like you’ve currently got for the 0:35–0:54 section, but only teasing it.

You’ll want to hold the main vocal back until you drop it big for the first big drop/chorus moment.

It might be time to get the full length track sketched out. That’ll help you get a feel for when to go big, including the main vocal, and when to pull things back a bit.

Do you have a clean version of the vocal? You might want to use that for the big drops.
Alternatively, consider ways to layer that up on itself, to give it more beef for those bigger drops.

Anyhoo, just some possibilities. Hope it’s helpful.

From the bits you’ve got so far, the vibe really offers some promise to the listener and feels like it could have real potential to a really great track.