Trap producers. Where are the vocals/lyrics?

Trap is not a genre I listen to, but hearing the trap produced here, it’s almost always instrumental only.

It’s got me wondering…

What we know…

  • Most, close to all, Trap music make by members here is instrumental / beats only.
  • Vocal tracks get loads more traction than instrumentals – in fact, many tracks don’t feel finished until they have a vocal.
  • Rappers and trap vocalists are easy to find. There are loads on the usual music communities, incl. BandLab, SoundCloud, etc…

So, question(s)…

  • Are you actively looking for rappers / trap vocalists, but haven’t found ones you want to work with?
  • Why aren’t you releasing your trap beats as ‘finished’ tracks, and maximising the chances of getting traction?
  • Is there much of an audience for trap instrumentals – Have any trap instrumentals become successful?

It’s always instrumental only because if you placed vocals from packs or if you have them imported, it would be a actual song! If you had a project to place vocals on, Use FL Studio (if you have it) or Ableton.

I get that, but…

Why do so many trap producers here stop at the Auxy instrumental, when the genre is vocal/rap-based - and there’s no real audience for instrumental trap?*

Why not create the trap beat in Auxy, then use another app to combine and mix the instrumental and vocals to ‘complete’ the track? And then publish/release it?

There are plenty of places to find trap rappers, and plenty of software/apps that you can use to bring the instrumental and vocal together.

* the only listeners interested in instrumental trap seem to be other trap producers and rappers looking for beats.

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That’s what I’m saying! If you have Ableton or FL, place some vocals, that’s all.

There are a lot of ways to define trap, so I’ll try and keep it simple. All modern rap… is technically trap. Even though mainstream is still considered “hip hop” technically hip hop has a bpm consistently around 90… more of your old school boom bap rap. Trap is a sub genre of hip hop that is basically just a higher bpm. Typically, a trap beat is defined as having a BPM around 145, with hi-hats at a double or triple-time or faster. Any mainstream “rap” you hear on the radio is trap. It’s the more modern sub genre of hip hop. What you hear around here… in the auxy community are trap beats, that haven’t been able to reach vocals.

To answer some of your questions… it’s basically clout. Being able to create a “trap beat” is one thing but to creat a beat that is substantial on its own without vocals? Something that catches enough attention as something in the EDM world? That’s… when your “beat” turns into a real “track”. That’s when you can prove yourself as a producer.

It’s not hard at all to put lyrics onto a beat… it’s not that hard to do in Auxy either just it… takes… Time… And most of the passive hobbyists here are just… here to have fun (myself included). We don’t necessarily want to go into the time, effort, or funds to get a decent vocalist. You could attempt to record yourself but that’s always a pain because not many of us here have or have access to a proper recording studio… or even a reliable mic. (I’m not just talking about earbud mics or some nice desk gaming mic… a true recording mic costs a pretty penny. So I could imagine that’s another reason why there aren’t that many lyrics on top of beats currently.

Another issue lies with Auxy… sure you CAN put lyrics into Auxy but then again you are limited to 20 seconds per sample… so one would have to go into the hassle of properly trimming each vocal loop into the appropriate sizes… which then again takes time and skill.

One last thing I might point out is… just putting together a “trap beat” is… honestly fairly simple. Repetitive drum pattern, simple 808 or Reese bass melody… then your choice of simple chords, melody… or both. So for some people, they might just choose to stick with simple tracks they can make often to keep their activity high… and hope a few of their tracks are a “hit”.

So yeah… sorry for all this but I hope it clarifies a few things :slight_smile:


I think people know how to do it.
I’m asking why trap producers here don’t do it

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Oh. Okay.

That includes you.
You’re one of the trap fans / producers on here. :slight_smile:

What’s your reason? Why don’t you collaborate with a rapper to complete your trap tracks?

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Huh. Let see here. Here’s why! I don’t know if I have a friend who can rap on my upcoming beats.

Why would you limit it to your friends?
You collab with others here to create beats, so you’re comfortable working with people from different parts of the world.

There are probably a couple of people here who can rap - or who can introduce you to rappers.
There are certainly loads of rappers on music collab sites like Bandlab.

Do you mention on your SC trap tracks that you’re looking for rap collaborators?

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No, not at all.

But i will try Bandlab like you said.

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Remember @ITJ has just turned 13, so he is still a minor. Him, and many others here on the Disco are young and can’t pay for a vocalist, or their parents might not appreciate them going out and reaching out to upcoming rappers. :woman_shrugging:


THANK you, my g. That’s what I only needed to know & understand! I think @ThoughtfulNoise is commanding me to get a rapper friend in Bandlab.

Haha nah I’ve been keeping up with this post and he hasn’t “commanded” you to do anything. He does provide good advice though.

Why not put your beats up for free download so that people could have the ability to download and rap over them :slight_smile:

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Are people here paying their collaborative co-producers? Are they paying for vocal collaborators?
Why would rap collaborators be any different?

Many that approached me when I joined Bandlab were simply looking for people to collab with. No payment involved.

If you’d want to decide what the rapper raps about, or direct their style, etc… then, yeah, you’re basically using them to complete your idea, so they might expect to be paid something in the absence of equal creative freedom. Though maybe not.

If it’s a straight-up collab, then it’s not hard to find rappers who want to collab for free or for the cross-promotion.

Of course, YMMV when it comes to quality. You’re likely to find people for free who are new and not yet established. Still, that might be enough to help turn your trap tracks into their ultimate form. :slight_smile:

(You don’t have to pick the first one you find.)

Totally get your point, but…
Do their parents know they collab with people using PMs here? Not sure I see a real difference.

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Cool. I’d also ask here. You might get lucky and find the perfect rap collaborator.
…or maybe someone might recommend a rapper they’ve worked with before, that went well.

…and you already trust this community, so that might help. :+1: :slight_smile:

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I’m coming back to this one…

Are there any ‘hit’ instrumental trap tracks?

I came from the position that it simply wasn’t a genre that worked for instrumentals.
But now I’m wondering… well, why can’t it be? Surely it’s possibly to make a trap instrumental track that can hold its own and appeal to listeners without a vocal.

(I’m not talking about something at the same general bpm as trap, but something intentionally, recognisably trap – but instrumental, that achieved some level of success.)

I think @HexxOfficial is a rapper?

imo, when you put full on rap vocals to a trap song, it becomes hip hop, or at least a trap/hiphop hybrid. i have some experience making auxy-only hip hop beats, and i’ve some friends currently writing on most of them.