Trap megacollab! “oh my”

oh my we have another megacollab, prolly only gonna take 5 people at most, but am fine with whatever number. once we have a good amount, i’ll make a pm, lemme know if you’d like to join in on the collab :love_you_gesture:t2:

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im up for it. do you have a discord chat that we could talk in if the mega collab happens?


i’ll start a dm

whoever else wants to join say here and i’ll add you to the dm on discord if you have it

@BenVacca what’s your discord

ben vacca#8901

i am interested

what’s your discord

really good mac and cheese#2645


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I’m down to do this. I have a lot of free time now : )

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k what’s your discord


This still available?

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yes, but it may just be just you and me doing it

That’s fine with me, I’m actually quite excited

Do you want my Discord for this as well?

S.A.#8594 if you do

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I can prolly add smthn to this. My discord is Northeast#8706

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i’ll add you guys in a bit