Trap/dubstep needs to be fixed please help I might die if it’s not

Please help me it’s a really cool Idea I just don’t know where to go

I agree that trap needs to be fixed lol.

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Can you fix it? Yes he can. Maybe you can’t but bob the builder can

All kidding aside, do you have a project to share? I couldn’t resist myself on the previous post haha.

It’s ready to be used I forgot to share it

I’m not gonna fix it cuz I don’t have the subscription so I can’t
But I’ll help teach u how

First ur gonna need to sidechain to ur kick

give me an hour and i’ll try to turn it into something Done

here’s what i did. just an 8 bar loop and you can do whatever to it

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This is so dirty

in a good or bad way

A really really good way, like holy moly

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this is another one i made earlier but it’s just a demo

I like the first bit of it but the second bit/drop is not as impactful as the first one you sent me

Hey Kam I am in love with this song but I need some serious help with the start of the song if you want to help just reply