Trap beat remake

So I was watching Aries’s live stream, and he listened to somebody’s song, and they were all impressed, and it sounded really unique, so I wanted to break it down into a song made in Auxy, and I know it’s possible but I can’t find the vocal chops he uses. Also I need help with the first instrument that appears in the song.

Thanks for the help

Uhhh… ok, so really weird coincidence here, but I actually think they used the exact same sound clip that I used in my song Steel Seabed. It’s a voice clip from the ice climbers in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I think they pitched up a bit, but other than that, it sounds basically the same.

It should be at 0:02
(I actually used the one at 0:06. Oops)
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What :joy::joy:, that’s crazy! Thanks so much XD. Sounds from super smash bros, I would have never guessed.

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Finally exported them to auxy

Note: Imported sounds don’t play for other users

I stopped by the stream for a couple minutes to see if I can send in a song (but $15 is a stretch) and that was the only song I saw on the stream, I couldn’t watch for long because bad connection. Idk I think it’s interesting how the only song I listened to on the stream is now popping up on this disco lol

ps. To add a point to this post, here’s something he sampled

Wow, I watched the stream about 50 mins into it. It was ok, if you want I made a song using some of the sounds I think he used, and if you’d like to mess around with it, check this topic I made