Track splice challenge boi!

Make a track using the last 3 featured in-app song seeds. If you need a tip, try copy pasting instruments you want to keep into a new project. Have fun and I will give the winner something special (idk what yet, I’m poor :poop:

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I don’t own any of the sounds packs, so I used only the original sounds from each track.

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Also I will choose the winner on Halloween :jack_o_lantern:
If another in-app feature comes out before the deadline, feel free to use it as well (so 4 songs)

There’s nothing wrong with not having sound packs. I like it!

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My opinion. Feel free to ignore. ;)

Not to be contrary — honest — but… :wink:

I kinda disagree, largely because of the impact that having relatively few presets (and few sound shaping controls) is having on the variety of music and ‘aesthetic’ that Auxy makes possible.

(Having few presets can be much less of an obstacle if a good set of sound-shaping controls are available.)
To my ears, Auxy tracks do tend to have a recognisable sound and, to me, it feels somewhat exhausted (which is why I tend to be more engaged by the tracks which try to push away from the ‘Auxy sound’).

Doesn’t mean good stuff can’t be made without any sound packs, just that it’s even more likely to ‘sound like an Auxy track’*. And I’m not sure that’s a plus.

* though much of that also comes from the popularity of certain genres here. Though, again, that might be the result of the sounds that are available attracting fans of — and/or steering makers towards — certain genres.

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