Totem - Devoid of Joy (idk- percussive noise?)

I’ve been forcing myself to try to use more custom drum kits.


That it terrifying

Maybe you can do less heavy drum sounds because all that sounds makes it a bit murky

Ahhh love it. Dare I say more consumer friendly than other releases of yours. I’m getting a really awesome Downward Spiral vibe outta this and I’m enjoying the heck out of it!

Oddly “terror” isn’t the goal, but seems to usually be the results in the end.

I’ve tried a couple of different ways around the heavy “impacts” use. But they have a lingering texture after they hit that is used for the melody strangely enough, so if I drop them it sounds 100% different.

Thanks bud, I’ve been blocked for a while with creating newer Sounds that are not just a rehash of old movements. I think with actual percussions it may be easier to focus the noise a bit more for those not acclimated to heavy noise use. (AKA folks used to a constant melody.)

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Sorry it is actually good, it was my first listen. I like that deep pad (idk)


Thanks, honestly it’s not made for the musician as much as the listener. Once you try and break the parts down individually they don’t make sense.
More of an experience than a song I suppose. IDK, maybe I’m just grasping at an explanation as to what it is I do.

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