Tornait - Wave Goodbye (Teaser Track, California Driftin’)

Hello, this is tornait. I’m starting a new project. Expect a lot more general newness, too. Yeah? Yeah! Yeah yeah!

Here’s a teaser track from the project— Wave Goodbye, the track for San Diego Bay.

For those who don’t really know, California Driftin’ is my project to create an OST for a fictional racing game that takes place completely in California. It’s a tribute to the state itself, and the beautiful, diverse locales in California. Anyways, get hype! Hope you enjoy this teaser.


Oh, comments appreciated.


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Wow, this is too good :star_struck:

Ah, thank you so much! It’s gonna be even better when I release the full version of the track!

Toms at ~:40ish, awesome. Drum selection is ON POINT. Some of the best I’ve heard. Looking forward to the full track

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I sampled a break and chopped it up for some parts! Thank you!

Overall, I was going for a Basement Jaxx feel. Those guys are my heroes.