Tornait’s Drum Packs


Here’s a drum pack that I made, everyone. There’s a grand total of EIGHT different drum kits for different genres that I have so lovingly constructed for you guys. Give me your comments down below, please— and don’t be shy to post some projects that feature these kits. Heck, don’t be shy to utilize the loops. I’ll be using one or two of these in future tracks myself… but hey, have fun with these kits!



Bro! Sick drums! I feel like these would fit well with the other auxy made kits. (Names and everything)

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Aw, thank you! I’d be a stupidly crazy high honor for even one of these kits to be a preset, available to the eyes of all those who use the app…!

I just do this because I wanna see if other people will follow suit and use not only these, but continue to make their own kits and share them.


I wish we could save our own kit pre sets…

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coming soon

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You a beta tester?

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Yooooo these are sick dude


Aw, thank you! What’s your favorite?


I’d say commune, major, or maybe jab

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That Commune kit is killer

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Cosmos is my favorite.

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Ahahaha! I love those smooth, disco flavors in Cosmos! But I also love the percussion-heavy marching band style of Major! And I’m really fond of Python in general.

Oh yeah— don’t be afraid to use these kits in your tracks. Come up with entirely new loops for them, or use the loops I came up with. You can post some projects in this thread. I’d love to see what you can come up with!

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I could see my self using all of these. Thanks for making them!

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Oh, you’re so welcome! Be on the lookout for another potential pack to drop!


I just downloaded the project and took a listen to all the drum kits. They sound amazing! I really like commune the most and I think I can make a lot of use with it. Thanks so much for assembling the kits! :pray:


You’re so very welcome! Keep in mind that another pack may be released soon. I’m just testing the water to see if people arr okay with this idea. In reality, I want to showcase just how easy it is to create drum packs, in the hopes of making save-able presets.