Tornait — Rebranding

Hey guys, it’s Tornait here

So, I’ve been feeling pretty out of Auxy lately. I guess that’s what busy schedules does to someone. However, i’m planning on releasing a new album with a personal project of mine I’ve been thinking of for a long time…

Here’s a hint: Magical Sound Shower, Splash Wave, Night Flight.

Anyways, I’ll also be rebranding slightly. The logos that you associate with me (the blue jay and the word mark) may be slightly altered or outright changed. I’ll keep things posted in this thread.

I promise, I won’t ever change my name or the blue jay motif. They’re too precious to me. However, a little change can be good— think of this as an evolution, not as a complete 180 turn.

Also, I thank everyone for their support. A change of pace is needed for me, especially in this rather trying time. No, I’m not leaving, and I apologize for the unannounced hiatus. I’ll be back, and transparent as ever.

Edit: A quick thank you to everyone— I have over 10k plays, yeah!


Alright y’all, first thing to note… I’d like some feedback on my current logo.

What’s your opinion on it? I need to gauge an opinion to see the reaction to the change.

Bring back the blue
That is all


Guys, please do not feel discouraged. Rip my designs apart. If there is something you think is wrong, then it may be wrong. Criticism is welcome.


They are very good, there’s nothing to criticize. I will say I like the all black more than the stroked one.

Maybe make a different kind of blue jay logo with more colors

I’m looking for something that will be simple and consistent. But more colors— I can do that.

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It’s good, but it paired with the text always reminds me of adidas


Heh, thanks for the input. Got good stuff going on…

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Alright, guys. Enough about my logo for now. How about my wordmark?

Again, be as critical as you want.


Personally the opposite color streak through it throws me off. I’d either get rid of it or maybe move it down a little? Idk cause others may like it more than I do.

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Same font lmao

Also the stripe not being at the top of the letters just… Irks me.


Needs an eye boi

Looks good

I don’t really like the logos but I think they can turn to something good

i think you could put some kinda texture into that with maybe a different font

It’s not the same font. It’s a modified Sifonn font. I plan to introduce my own font— a custom typeface, too.

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Is anyone partial to stencil fonts?

anyways, while you’re ruminating… take a look at this. A little teaser of something to come.

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@Hum4n01d - Sketch more like Affimyth Designerye

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