Tornait - Plainly Speaking [Electro House, tornait]

Haven’t posted in a while, but I’m starting to go in the route of ‘quality over quantity’. Therefore, I am happy with you… I FINALLY RELEASED AGAIN! This one’s a track that’s rather special to my heart. A piece I’ve been perfecting for possibly forever

Feedback appreciated. I really would love feedback of any type. Hope you enjoy the track!

ARE you kidding me, not even a single reply? D-dangit… Why does this always happen to me…


ill notic u bby

edit: very nice melodic components, but i felt they dragged on for quite a while and made the song tiresome to listen to. all i think you need to do would be to, so to say, cut the meal into sizeable portions, or to keep that hunger for tension and resolution under control :slight_smile:

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Definite chiptune + electro-swing vibe.

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Yo @tornait could i remix this?


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