Tornait - Midnight Mint



Not all the way through but like it so far
Good one

0:14: Funky bass.
0:30: Love the melody!
0:41: Some rhythm with the snap thing? Sounds great as it is, but more variation would be nice IMO.
0:51: Party time! xD
1:05: Oddly enough, I think I’d like to hear some more bass. Or maybe just the chords in a lower octave.
2:03: Love these cool pitch sound effects! I think the chord melody thing is getting a bit repetitive though.
3:13: Where are the drums?? xD I think I hear a kick but there should be some more!
3:59: I feel like a Fragment/Peg - trumpet solo would be awesome here xD

Overall, awesome track! Love the original name btw. There’s just a few things that need to be fixed.

This I definitely getting stuck in my head later!

Thanks for your feedback. This is a House subgenre styled track though. I was up all the way past 12 pm making this, but I’m glad you enjoy it!

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Groovy. It’s nice to hear an Auxy track like this.

Thank you, but what do you mean?

I honestly don’t know.

Aye… though, this doesn’t give me anything to really work with.

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So, I really enjoyed working on this track. Might have another track out soon, one in the same album/ep… I dunno. Just expect something new.