Tornait - Heritage Playlist (Remix Contest!)

Tornait here. I have a playlist, full of all my forgotten/little known stuff, called Heritage. To celebrate, I’m doing a remix challenge!

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to remix a few selected tracks from the Heritage playlist: Cosmic Sprinkles, Mockingbird Lane, Express, Sunbeams Through Clouds, Rain Down, and Arcadia.


  • You can remix only two of the six songs, but you can remix any two songs. If you want to, you can remix just one song.

  • You can change the instruments in the loops, but you can’t delete any instruments or loops. However, you can add loops, and tweak the automation to your liking. And yes, you can in fact add drums.

  • You can also change tempo, swing and even key, as long as elements of the original song remain noticable in the remix. This means genres, too… so if you wanna flip a normally chill song into a hard, heavy beat… GO FOR IT! Nothing’s stopping ya!

  • There are no rules for cover art, but the name of the posted song should look like this: (song name) by Tornait - (your remix name here)

Alright! Link to the playlist is here;

Now for the stems! Special thanks to @HAYVN for helping me with these!

Cosmic Sprinkles


Mockingbird Lane

Sunbeams Through Clouds

Rain Down


Submissions must be in by January 8th! Winners shall be announced then! Every remixed song will be reposted and put in a special playlist!

EDIT: Submission date has been changed to January 19th! Come on everybody! A few more days!

Remix contests are a great way to show the talent that this community has. I truly hope you all enjoy remixing these songs. Happy remixing!

Edit: previously the playlist link was actually an auxy project link. I seriously derped on that. Now you guys can go and listen to the original songs! REJOICE!


I’m remixing rain down btw!

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I honestly hope this gets a good amount of looks. I don’t wanna drown in the latest replies… Wish they changed the default to be categorical view. Oh well.

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I’ll definitely remix something here.

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I just really hope this catches on, and actually is successful. I’ve never done a remix contest before, and it seems like everyone is doing one these days… I just want to see what other people can do with my tracks.

Sure, why not?

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Thank you so much! I dunno, I’m just feeling kinda paranoid, especially for doing something so ambitious… But I really do believe people can do awesome stuff with remix contests.

I guess I’m just happy to be remixed.

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Love the original man you should be proud

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I am. This remix is so wonderfully dark, mate. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

and quite sinister.

Thanks man and also thanks for the repost

You’re welcome. Every remixed track gets a repost.

Oh, and a playlist with other remixes of the same track. Gotta find a way to keep this different, somehow!

Aaaaand… shameless bump. Wish the mods could change the forum back to categorical view, makes things less hard for people to see stuff like this. Oh well.

My part, my recent “Timpani sound” beat just synch with your track, rumble rumbling down :+1:t3:

Hopefully you all enjoy!

Rain down by Tornait (Charles Gedius’s Remix)


Sent chills down my spine! It’s so beautiful!

This is smooth. Like, buttery smooth. This is a really solid remix. Like the sparse beat you added in there, man.

Quick reminder: y’all can do up to two remixes of two different songs!

Now, ain’t that something?