Tornait - Hail to the Chief [Electronic Funk Fusion]


New track out. It’s highly volatile. Funk with care, all.

Oh, and it showcases one of my custom kits, Major. Comments appreciated, all.

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Awesome - cool idea with the commentary nice to get some background on the different elements and thought process :slight_smile:

The track is really well put together, super funky and 8bit-ish, the two mix together so well makes me wish more of the NES games I grew up on took this approach lol. Art is on point, love the color scheme. Great job!

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Thanks for the kind words, man. The cover was actually a last minute thing. I went through like five variations of this thing, with different colors. Then it all just finally clicked together.

Uh… bump. I just want to let everyone know that I’m only two followers from 150 followers.

Also, I know that genres like this aren’t everyone’s cup of tea… but the support is definitely appreciated. I’ve been busy for a while now, and only this soon I’ve posted a track, and I’m not sure if it was something that anyone was expecting. So, I’d like to ask everyone to please be patient. Thank you.