Tornait - Angel City EP Talk

Tornait here

Guys, been getting pretty excited about how my first EP is shaping up. One problem… literally only one track has been uploaded to Soundcloud. The other songs are pretty much finished, but the dangerous beast known as procrastination has stopped me from being able to polish them to the shine I want them to have, and therefore I have not even rendered the tracks yet. I can’t even put a release date, I can just say that the EP, and the other tracks, will drop soon. Hopefully between now and the middle of next month. Thanks for your support, guys. My self-esteem has gotten a bit better over the time, and you guys have been a huge help.

Finally, another related topic. Should I create another SoundCloud account for a different set of sounds? Because I’ve been making a whole bunch of tracks in more deviant genres than my main. Or do you guys want me to have different styles on my SoundCloud?

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Don’t rush it. I haven’t put out a track in almost a month, just wasn’t happy with anything I’ve been doing, minus the kicoh remix. It’s ready when it’s ready :slight_smile: but don’t overthink it either.

If you’re working on VERY different stuff yes, I would recommend a new SC. I mean it’s free and you can get a gmail acct for free, lord knows I have a bunch. That’s just my two pence

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