Too many iCloud storage projects

Is there a way that auxy automatically deletes old icloud saves?
I checked recently and i have 6627 backups. But i only have about 100 projects…

Is there a fast way to delete the old ones or are you suppose to do it manually?

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Aight so, cause I don’t care and don’t have anything in there, I decided to test for you.

You can safely delete the ENTIRE folder. Not the contents, I mean the folder itself. The Backups one in iCloud/Auxy.

When you re-open the app, it just makes a new one. I had 86 backups, trashed the folder, closed Auxy, re-opened and now I have a fresh Backups folder with one file in it.


This wasn’t really a problem for me, but I can confirm that I have more than 201 projects since looking over my projects in Auxy doesn’t match up with what I have for iCloud storage.

It’s starting to be a problem for me since I plan to get a newer iPhone and my iCloud projects won’t sync up with my iPad, not even the subscription status of my current 6s