Tome - Cmon (Experimental Dark RNB)

Hey ! I’d like to share my new song, “Cmon”, it has a lot of influences from many genres, every part of the song varies a lot. its my most diverse work to date and its all made on auxy. please listen to it and lemme know what yall think :slight_smile:
you can listen to it here
i also have a lyric visualizer for it on youtube here

i hope you all enjoy it !


Really nice continuing to hear tracks with lyrics around here, I like this. Some of the instrumentation is maybe a little out of place. Like around 2:30 there’s springy sounding synth it’s not jiving with me much. But that’s just preference really.

Otherwise, it’s slick I enjoyed it :slight_smile: I saw you posted this a couple days ago and was like “I gotta get on this” but it’s tough on the weekends. Glad I stole ten mins to take a quick peek :slight_smile:

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I had a listen to this yesterday and really enjoyed it!
Anything labelled ‘experimental dark rnb’ instantly gets my attention.

My initial impressions after first listen were that it could do with just a little more polish, but there’s definitely a gem underneath.


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thanks man !

thanks man ! i hope to bring more polished works :slight_smile:

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