Tolberto - my own dimension [WIP]
What do you all think of this so far? Almost complete. It is a future bass hybrid that attempts to portray the calm emotions experienced whilst playing video games.


Wow nice dude! Message me when this comes out!

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Jesus nice work!!

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This ain’t no WIP, this is already a song. And an amazing one at that!

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Mate this is spot on. Absolutely love it. I’ve done a bit of work in this style but I never get around to finishing the projects. Great work.

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Thanks! Appreciate it

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If anyone is down to do some future melodic similar to this let me know!



I am for sure.

I would love to, but my skill rating is way too low. Maybe when I’m better?

Can I join?

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Yeah we can start a new one!

More than down

So I’m thinking there should be something between scene 8 and 9. I guess you’d call it a verse? That’s just if you feel like it should be longer.

That is amazing! Nice.

1 Like feel free to check out an extended version made by this cool dude