Tolberto (Collab?]


Hi guys, I’m thinking of making an EP and it would be awesome to have a collab in the middle of it! It would be very nice if you had premium as well, thanks.


  • Liquid dnb
  • Low-fidelity hip hop beat
  • chilltrap hybrid
  • wub
  • somethin else
  • this is my first poll i think it went correctly

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I would collab with you :+1:


What genre you thinking?


I like your future bass drops a lot. Or we could try something else. I’m better at more melodic stuff tho compared to like hip-hop/trap genres.


@INDIR3CT insert hmm emoji


Melodic as in…?


i would love to collab with you


Same! I would love to collab with everyone, but I’m just looking for a duo collab. It’s a hard decision!


I’m not gonna ask because you don’t wanna collab with me right? :smirk:


I’d be up for it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I gotchu homie


As in any genre that as some sort of melodies–future bass, house, edm, trance, etc etc. I’m just not as experience with stuff that focuses more on rhythm like trap and hip-hop genres.


holy family friendly this is alot of people. WHAT SHALL I DO?


I’d love to collab too lol


just saying, it won’t be a megacollab




this is also still open to other people btw


If you like my style I can put something together with ya


liquid dnb is literally all my projects in auxy rn lol


Maybe this isn’t me but am I called plant in there?