Tokyo Bay (Andrew Adams)

Hey guys! Just finished a new song and would be awesome if you guys wanted to check it out if you have a moment :grin:


Nice! I didn’t know you also had access to the beta. The triple “ah” before the drop was weird though.

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Thanks man! And thanks for the feedback, maybe I thought the “ah” was a little too cool lol.


Great! Love the arpegiator sound at 0:53, and the synth sounds at 1:00 are so so good!


Thanks so much man!

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Agree with @Morgen and will add that there is some great percussion work in this song. Well done sir!

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Time to give some feedback! xD

Loving the melody at 0:18. :smile:

Synth at 0:30 is kinda weird IMO. I would reduce its volume/low pass and add some bass.

Love the buildup/drop!

Ah, there’s the synth again. Brilliant melody, but same as above, less volume + more bass. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think 1:15 would be an awesome place to add hi-hats :open_mouth:

Chorus is great!

Love this :+1:t3: It’s definitely going to be stuck in my head later lol.

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I will definitely drive along Tokyo bay with this track!

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Thanks so much guys!

And also thanks for the feedback :+1: @anon73773654