Today’s rap music depresses me


Lol what about Eminem


Yes i love NF. I think his music resonates with a lot of people, like me. Some of his songs are about heartbreak and i’ve felt that, while some of his songs like How could you leave us, which is about his mothers death, doesn’t but you still feel the same as he felt.


Mr tentacion


When I first heard of X (when Look At Me blew up and that was all I heard at the time) I thought he was just like everyone else and I despised the producers for absolutely killing the song with that distortion but after I heard him getting deeper with his music I grew to love it


Aigel is good too (even if I don’t understand anything :sweat_smile:)


So far, he’s the best one still in the game.


NF gets real with his lyrics and he is one of my favorite rappers out there.




Em is a great lyricist and all, but I just hate how he dissed like 30 people on his new album. Like, that wasn’t necessary, and he dissed everyone who didn’t like Revival, because the majority of people “haven’t heard it”. Honestly it’s just a crap album, and he’s being a little kid about it. Em is still king tho after that MGK crap.


eminem’s voice sounds like my uncle’s so i can’t take his music seriously😂


i like today’s rap music, lil uzi is trash tho😂 lil baby, sheck wes, gunna, and juice wrld are amazing tho


well people kept giving him garbage for “changing his style” and wanting to be more Marshall. So he was kinda forced to go back to his Slim Shady side; a part of it calling and name dropping people.

Still better than people mumblin something something Got that Ice something something all these ho ho ho’s


Kanye has one of my favorite songs.

At 1:57 is the best lyricism in history…


I heard this was made as a diss to Drake since this beat was meant as a collab or something


I haven’t listened very carefully (or very much) to this guy but my first impression wasn’t actually terrible. The production is pretty (relatively) professional — and while I don’t really get much meaning out of the lyrics, the rhymes aren’t bad & struck me as being a lot more like real rap than mumble rap or whatever seems to be getting good stats lately.

Again, just a first impression. Have not really looked into it or listened much


but did you know he’s biracial


Honestly though. I have a strong dislike most of today’s rap songs. Most of them use almost the same drum beat in every song. And the lyrics aren’t even creative. They are just people talking about money, sex, drugs, and about how good they are at everything. Of course though, our community is a little more creative than that.


@surf RIP : ( (This is an edit/mashup but still worhty of checking out)

On Spotify or wherever you can, check out BROCKHAMPTONs newest album “iridescence”
The first song is called New Orleans and listening to it in order it goes into the next song called “THUG LIFE”. The transition into each other is amazing.

BROCKHAMPTON is the most popular rap that I’ve listened to recently, but these I have listed are some of my favorites on sound cloud. They are different based off of what you said you like, but they are hip-hop/rap. Also I highly encourage you to check out each artist’s page and hear their other tracks.


Hot take

Lyrics were better in older rap
Beats are better today

Take my words with a grain of salt tho, I don’t really like rap


it’s honestly impressive how he manages to fit that fact into literally almost every one of his songs

not dissing tho, his songs are still fire