Today’s rap music depresses me


idc if they have gucci. literally that is all i hear now. so what, you have overpriced clothing?


You clearly haven’t heard Four Lads Breakdanced In London (ft. BOBTHEGUYYYYY).




I’m a rap enthusiast so here are my thoughts: I don’t care too much about the lyrics as the flow. Sometimes, though, I can’t listen a song if the lyrics are just about gang banging and stuff like that (GUMMO by Tekashi). But I also can’t listen to music with meaning if I can’t really relate to it. Like I was pretty fortunate and wasn’t born into any gang violence, and have a pretty stable life, so a song talking about the hardships of growing up in the ghetto is not usually one I would listen to, also because that’s such a common theme in rap. But to me, flow is almost everything. If you have the same flow through the song, instant reject. If your flow is to odd, reject. I also like when multiple words/syllables rhyme in lines. I feel you just rhyme “low” and “dough” or something like that, it’s not as interesting. But rhyming “interesting” with uhhh “ginger dressing” is so soothing to hear I guess. Also f autotune (I’m fine with it, but if it’s used to he point that Migos do sometimes, it just hurts my ears).


All in all though I agree that some of the new songs are just bad in lyrics

p.s. I’m glad to see more rap fans here


is it bad that i genuinely enjoy a couple of his songs

pls dont kill me


A couple of his old songs are pretty good, but when he started getting clout it all changed…


Bird noise
I have money
I have cars
i’m better than you
I pump out lazy albums every month
incoherent mumbling


we all know that the best rapper is big shaq


I don’t think he was ever good
His first song “Lil Pump - Lil Pump”:



Anyone with the word “lil” or “Gucci” I refuse to listen to.


Gucci Gang is not a song, but in fact, a meme; transmitted to the masses through the radio.


If you would like to make a rap, you MUST make it about the following topics:

  • Ahaha, yes, I make so much money, much more than you
  • Party 24/8. Yes, I’ve invented a new day of the week so I can party more
  • My ego can no longer be contained within the observable universe
  • d r u g s
  • Wow, look at all this sex I have, hooooo weeeee
  • Incoherent words in the American English (?) vernacular
  • Breakdancing in London
  • It’s a rough life in the hood (This theme is actually meaningful, tread carefully)


just saved this image to my desktop, gonna be album art


@moemx Do you like Lil Pump?



Big Shaq has talent. I mean his lyrics are so inspirational. Like take a look at this,
No ketchup.
just sauce.
raw sauce.

It’s so beautiful.

Obviously I’m kidding


I play Pokemon go everyday!!!


Well there are good rappers that I love, take a look at NF, he raps about life and about the depressing stuff he’s dealing with, not only that, but he’s actually good


Logic. Kendrick Lamar. Chance the Rapper. Those are good guys.