Today’s rap music depresses me


i usually act like i like today’s rappers such as uzi and even older ones like travis scott but honestly i don’t… i miss the rap from two to three years ago… that’s where my fondest memories come from, that’s my childhood, and that music back then has meaning… i was going back and listening to some of the stuff i liked back then and it hit me… even yachty’s verse on i spy about “balls in his nutsack” has more meaning than half of the music today… i love kyle’s music and the weeknd’s music for this exact reason… it shows emotion, it shows feeling, and most of all, it takes actual work to make it. none of you know this, but i’m also an aspiring rapper… i was writing something today and i challenged myself to not use anything that didn’t have meaning… that was honestly really hard to do… today’s rappers bypass that by just talking about drugs, sex, and watches, which is pathetic. i guess i’m just saying that i really miss when rap could be happy and make you feel good, when it had an actual meaning behind the lyrics… i want your opinions on this. tell me what you think. i know most of you don’t listen to rap, so i have a few songs for you to listen to to get you acquainted with the genre. the meaningful songs are “kyle - doubt it” (or i spy, either one is really good but i spy has a verse from lil yachty and that part of it is trash) and “the weeknd - die for you.” the new, trashy music is “lil pump - designer” and “lil uzi vert - for real.”

again, let me know your opinions on this because it can’t just be me that thinks this.



no but I totally agree. Something needs to change, because 99.9999% of all music with lyrics these days is about stuff like that.


General rule of thumb (my wife and I were just talking about this last night) - aside from Lil Kim, if the “artists” name starts with “Lil” you’re probably in for a :poop: sandwich.

“Little” Spikes

LInkin Park :ok_hand::metal:


GUcCi gAnG GUcCi gAnG GUcCi gAnG GUcCi gAnG GUcCi gAnG GUcCi gAnG

Nah I hate that track honestly. But I have been liking Em’s new album. Something fresh for rap too

Also I enjoy listening to some Splitbreed


N.W.A. and Chance the Rapper. Easy.


I agree. Does actually make me a little upset that it’s literally the only music the majority of my school wants to listen to. I’ve never really liked rap and the only rapper I’ll admit to liking is
Yung Gravy and that’s simply because I find the lyrics to some of his songs funny and his songs are in a lot of meme edits. I pity any soul that enjoys lil pump, if my future child came up to me and said they enjoyed such talentless music I’d disown them. As for some of the other rappers you mentioned I haven’t listened to any of their songs (and I have no intent to).
Forgot to mention post malone and Joji they’re also really good.


autotuned mumbling
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lmao I have clout
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Then you haven’t been listening to good rap, duh

I liked Uzi’s XO tour life, but that’s the only thing I have heard of him


Forgot the “Sonny Digital” “808 Mafia”


I don’t listen to a lot of rap music. I don’t go out of my way to look for it either.




yOuR mOm StIlL lIvE iN a TeNt



My grandmother and I take medication


Continually and constantly selling illegal substances taken for recreational purposes in an area commonly referred to as the “Jets”



Rap/Hip-Hop has had very little new to say for about 30 years - which is roughly how long ago I went from being deeply into the hip-hop scene to completely losing all respect and interest I had for it.

I simply got bored of hearing about ’guns, money and hoes’. It was tired then and it just goes to show how little it’s progressed in the 30 years since.

You have to go digging for any interesting rap artists. The mainstream, and anyone aiming for it, isn’t going to deliver.

I recently started checking out BandLab. I know it’s a place for amateurs, etc…, but I was surprised by the wall-to-wall no-talent wannabe rappers who think they have freestyle game. None of them had anything interesting to say or even any lyrical talent. Seems to be the standard these days.


Ooh here’s one


Oh my the cringe! And I thought there was no song worse then “I play Pokémon go”.


THE only good recent rap or hip hop song was Havana, without young thug, (I edited him out and listen to that), but other than that all modern rap
Music isn’t made from passion, it’s made because they want money, women and to be famous. 90’s Hip hop and rap is the real shite…