To release on a record label or not?

Music labels.
Are they worth going for?

These days, digital-only music distribution is something you can easily handle yourself. So, that’s no longer a reason to go for a label.

Labels, presumably, give the track the push, promotion and marketing that helps give a track/artist better reach, larger audiences and, ideally, better appreciation and rewards.

If getting your stuff released through a record label was a real possibility, but not a certainty, would you hold off on ‘releasing’ tracks (albeit to limited state, using Soundcloud.


A part of me considers ‘Auxy finished’ to mean ‘Demo’ (i.e. not proper ‘release-ready’) and plans to work on them more, throw in some proper engineering, mixing and mastering (c/o a friend in the biz) and then talk with label contacts (also c/o the same friend).

Another part of me thinks my stuff is ‘good enough’ and wants to get it out there, on Spotify, iTunes, etc…, to give them a better chance and see what happens.

So, that’s where my head is at, at the moment.

Would be good to hear your thoughts on this question. Not what should I do, but what’s your view on the question…

Music labels… Are they worth going for?

It all depends.

If the label would help you (get more play, fans, bookings, jobs) then release with them.
Say, you’re a small time SC artist, 200+ followers, 300+ plays on each track…
If you were able to release on a small label (3k followers, 5k plays), it would help you. It would push you to a level you previously weren’t on.

But, if you were to release on a tiny label (same or less followers/plays as yourself), releasing under them wouldn’t help you. They’d be doing what you could do yourself.

Does that make sense?

Ps. I am a small artist, and I own a tiny label, but the only reason my label is worth anything is because a release with me gives a professional cover art, and a professional mix and master, which a lot of people can’t do themselves.
But, if they can do those things by themselves, they don’t need my label.

It does. It’s why I recently turned down such an offer.

Their reach was significantly bigger than mine, but still effectively a tiny label.
I’m not expecting magic, but I felt that, if I was going to get it on a label, I’d want a bit more boost than they could give.

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Then that’s good.

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