Title unconfirmed - JAX [WIP]


Hey guys! I’m about to release a new song soon, any ideas on how I can improve it?


Ps, I’m not fully set on the title yet, if you would like to suggest one, you are more than welcome to. Thanks!


I really like this, nice and chill




Any title ideas anyone?


How about “Unconfirmed”? Jkjk


I added some variations and pitch bend to Transfer.
Maybe Orange Peel is an idea for the name? I don’t know… That’s what popped into my head when I heard the melody. Tangy!


Sweet! Thanks man!


Maybe Landscape?

Anyways, Vocal chops, percussion and mental at the end. Hope i can help!



Sweet! Thanks!


Alright, here’s what I got now:


P.S. Nice vocals @NeXus , but I had to take them out because one of my friends was gonna rap to this later.


ahh, its cool



Here is the finished version, be sure to check it out: